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Woodstake Comic Book

Hippie Vampire Comic Book

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Woodstake: Three Days of Peace, Music and Blood
With its unique combination of hippies, vampires, pop culture icons, blood and comedy, Woodstake is the most fun you will have being terrified. Besides, who doesn't want to see a vampire trip on LSD?
Written by Darin S. Cape.
Featuring the art of Felipe Kroll.

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Woodstake is as shrewd as Shaun of the Dead
and a must own for your comic collection!

The Story

A vampire kills a farmer and his wife in upstate New York days before hundreds of thousands of hippies descend on the area for the Woodstock festival.

Three hippies encounter the vampire on their way to the festival forcing them to survive both the attacks of the vampire's growing brood by night and the pursuit of the local sheriff during the day.


Woodstake is a sharp-witted comedy of horrors combining vampire lore, pop culture and the politics of the 1960s. With its unique concept, attention to detail, and combination of horror and comedy, Woodstake is a series you will want to collect.

Featuring the art of Felipe Kroll.

Below are preview pages from the first 4 issues.


Woodstake Comic Book Prologue Cover

In the New World, an ancient evil awakes, hungry for sustenance and revenge.

Chapter One: The Road to Woodstock

Woodstake Comic Book Preview

Chapter Two: Thank You for Your Service

Woodstake Comic Book Thank You For Your Service Cover

Chapter Three: Freedom

Woodstake Comic Book LSD Trip
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