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The Killing Machine Thought-Provoking Science Fiction Comic Book for Sale

Fully funded on Kickstarter!

Now you can own the first edition of this new epic science fiction masterpiece.

Thought-Provoking Science Fiction  Comic Book For Sale

What if we discovered the source of life on Earth?  What if this discovery led to war with an alien race? Join the crew of the Viggo on a thought-provoking and action-packed mission in a distant galaxy.

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The Reviews Are In...

The artwork is stunning, and the characters are well-developed. This is a must-read for science fiction fans!

The Killing Machine is one of the best science fiction comics I have ever read. The story explores the nature of life in the universe, and does so in an exciting and thought-provoking way. 


Meet Richter

An Autonomous Robotic Commander, Richter is commanding a dangerous mission on an alien planet.  Robotics and artificial intelligence have advanced, but what creates life?


Meet Lieutenant Coni

From drug-addicted supermodel to battle-hardened warrior!


The Story Continues

Get ready for Chapter 2.  Discover the origin of the object known as The Hand of God while the battle on an alien planet continues.


Featuring the Art of Michel Fortin


Michel spent his childhood on his family’s farm in Quebec.  Working in construction for many years before reinventing himself as an artist, Michel is highly regarded science fiction artist work working in comics and the gaming industry.  You can learn more about Michel and see his portfolio on Deviant Art.

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