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Sex Robot Office Comedy Comic Book for Sale

Erotech Comic Book Issue #2

Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers, and Sex Robots.  What could go wrong?
Join Samantha Jenkins as she rallies her team of misfit engineers and out of touch managers to release a new sex robot on time. The only problem is that the robot doesn't know when to quit.
Written by Darin X. Cape.  
Featuring the art of Geoffrey Krawczyk.


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Issue #1: Steve's Dick 
Issue #2: Paul's Promise
The SEX-6000 #1: Dominance Level 4
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How Do You Debug a Sex Robot?

How do you build a fully functional sex robot, especially with a team of underachieving managers and engineers?

EroTech how do you debug a sex robot

What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

EroTech Comic Book Preview

Steve Has Had Enough

EroTech Comic Book Preview

The Engineers Don't Get It

EroTech Comic Book The engineers don't get it

And What's Up With the Psycho in the Warehouse?

EroTech Comic Book Psycho in the warehouse

You Won't Want to Miss Out on this Edgy and Hilarious New Series...

Featuring the art of Geoffrey Krawczyk

The art of Geoffrey Krawczyk

Amazing Variant Covers

EroTech Comic All Variant Covers

Variant Covers by:

  • Katie Skelly

  • Hyena Hell

  • Nick Cagnetti

  • Brian McCray

  • Geoffrey Krawczyk

Don't Miss The SEX-6000

This short spin-off series is the basis for the film Technical Support.
She was everything he wanted, until she glitched...

The SEX-6000 Comic Book
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